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I am here to share my learnings and recent readings from across the Web. I follow over 9,500 blogs and focus most of my readings and posts on the following topics: Marketing, Web Hosting, Cloud Computing, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Startups, Innovation, Sales 2.0, SCRM, BI and more.


William Toll, VP, Marketing at ProfitBricks, has held Marketing and Product Management positions in the Web hosting and Internet infrastructure industry since the late 1990s. Currently William is driving the marketing strategy and implementation for ProfitBricks’ US market. ProfitBricks is a global cloud infrastructure provider with a ¬†platform engineered from the ground up to provide class leading Cloud Computing – IaaS services.
Most recently William was leading the marketing efforts at Yottaa, a Boston-based website optimization company. Prior to that he managed the small business offerings of hosting and cloud services provider, NaviSite. At NaviSite, William was responsible for developing and marketing the company’s hosted product lines, including managed cloud services, managed hosting, managed business applications and shared and dedicated hosting. In past positions at companies such as Affinity Internet, Inc., Intermedia.NET, and NTT/VERIO, William was the driving force in launching and enhancing successful SMB focused services including: Shared Hosting services, Microsoft Exchange and hosting add-on services like online marketing and Web design. William received a BA in Marketing from New England College. William Toll can be found on Twitter: @utollwi

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