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Event Marketing – The Ultimate Toolkit Checklist for Trade Show Booths

Preparing for a trade show or expo booth is complicated enough – with coordination between event organizers, creative teams and shipping companies – one thing you don’t want to forget about is the team.  With executives, sales teams and partners all expecting a flawless booth and engaged personnel – how can you, as the marketing […]

Yottaa Presentation on Web Performance and How Hosting Companies Can Grow Revenues and Reduce Churn #HostingCon

I enjoyed giving this presentation on Wednesday August 10th at HostingCon. After 3 days of speaking with Web hosting and cloud computing service providers – their feedback was tremendously positive. Faster websites are important for businesses of every size and hosting providers understand this. In this presentation I made the case that any company that […]

[Infographic] Web Site Speed and the Impact on Business Metrics

Everyone hates slow websites. Slow site speed is a business killer.  Did you ever stop to think how website performance impacts your business metrics? Think about all of the times that you have left a website due to the frustration of the browser just spinning and spinning as it builds the page.  Page load times […]

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