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Last week at HostingCon Buy Inderal No Prescription, - the web hosting and cloud computing industry's largest yearly event, I presented a session on Social Media in the Sales and Marketing track.  The slides and some follow up comments can be found below, cheap Inderal. Inderal australia, uk, us, usa,  

I think the slides tell the story I shared in the 50 minutes I engaged with the audience.  I asked for participation and got several great questions, Inderal maximum dosage, Doses Inderal work, mainly focused on training and managing employees.  I also received some great Tweets from several leaders at organizations of all sizes, buy Inderal from canada. Buy Inderal online cod, Andi Mann


Anders Trolle-Schultz

Jeff Barr

David Gallant


I was happy that we only briefly touched on the tools- and remained focused on how to implement a program in the following steps:

  • Listen

  • Engage

  • Inspire

The companies that consistently benefit from the social media programs follow those three tenants closely.  What about your organization, Inderal canada, mexico, india, Buy Inderal without prescription, are you leveraging your employes and evangelists?

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HostingCon 2012 Order Desyrel,   is a Conference and Trade Show For the Web Hosting and Cloud Services Industry

I am looking forward to HostingCon 2012.  This will be my eighth HostingCon - I remember the very first one very well.  For the second year in a row I am advisory board member and I can attest that this year the session selection process was very well organized.  We all collaborated to ensure that the conference is full of educational sessions. Desyrel gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I submitted two sessions, one talk and one panel.  I am pleased that both were selected, Order Desyrel.  Plus, I live in in Boston, just 4 blocks from the convention center, where can i order Desyrel without prescription. Please join us for the sessions below.

Sales and Marketing Track: Monday 7/16 3pm at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts

Session Title: Energize and Incentivize Your Employee Brand Ambassadors

I am super excited about this talk, Desyrel used for, and am looking forward to sharing the slides with a broad audience.  I have been thinking about a session like this since 2009 when I was running marketing for NaviSite's SMB business unit. Order Desyrel,  It's been great to participate in the explosion of B2B content and social media marketing, and I truly believe that employees are the most un-leveraged assets a company has.  I also feel that many traditional Web Hosters are far behind many of the pure Cloud Providers in this aspect of their marketing programs.  Hopefully we can have a great session and learn from each other.


2011 proved that even the smallest companies can have a giant voice, Desyrel street price. Whether your firm has one or 3,000 employees, there are simple ways you can activate your employees to engage online and produce content. The days of posting spammy articles and having a hard-sell approach are over, Order Desyrel. Desyrel dangers, Many hosters lost significant traffic and SEO rankings in 2011. The future is socially influenced search results, and your team must be active, or your message and website won’t be found. In this session, effects of Desyrel, William Toll will share his methods for activating and incentivizing employees, whether they are in marketing, operations, Desyrel pharmacy, support, or beyond, to help drive traffic, visibility and ultimately sales in 2012 and beyond.

SaaS and ISV Panel At HostingCon 2012: Tuesday 3pm ET at the Hynes Convention Center, Desyrel online cod, Boston, Massachusetts

Having HostingCon in Boston this year is like having all of your worlds converge. Order Desyrel,  I am fortunate to live in Boston, home to over 900 startups in the region.  We have a rich and vibrant startup community here in Boston and I am fortunate to have participated in dozens of events, Generic Desyrel, meetups, conferences and more.  I have met dozens of founders and had so many business case and ptich conversations that I often feel energized from the passion of community.

Many of these startups have relationships with Cloud and Web Hosting providers and at this session it all comes together.  I reached out to several startups and asked them to come to HostingCon and meet their infrastructure provider and share their thoughts on their vendors, Desyrel price, coupon.  It's going to be a great opportunity for hoster's to learn what is working and what is not for their customers in the startup space, Order Desyrel.  Participants include:

Jeff Seibert, CEO and Founder of Crashlytics (Amazon Customer, based in Cambridge, Desyrel forum, MA)

Devon Hillard, Founder of Spark::red (SoftLayer Customer, based in Boston)

Claudia Santoro, CTO, Vsnap (Rackspace customer, Desyrel images, based in Boston)

Michael Klett, Co-Founder & Technical Lead, Chargify (Managed Hosting Customer, Kjøpe Desyrel på nett, köpa Desyrel online, based in Boston)

Phil Stanhope, VP, Engineering & Operations , Yottaa  (Amazon, Other Hosting Provivers, Desyrel samples, Colocation, based in Boston)

William Toll, Comprar en línea Desyrel, comprar Desyrel baratos, Marketing Consultant, Hosting Industry Veteran and HostingCon Advisory Board Member

From the Front-Lines: Boston Area SaaS and ISV Leaders Share Wisdom With Their Hosting Providers


The Boston area is one of the top areas in the world for software innovation, from startups to established enterprises. The Boston area is full of companies that are building the next generation of SaaS and Cloud companies, designed, architected and built in the cloud. Every year, HostingCon brings together the world’s leading service providers of infrastructure and services that modern software and services are built on. This panel of Boston area technology leaders will share their insight into how they selected a cloud or hosting provider and what their ideal relationship is like or could be like. The panel will feature a mix of companies and cover topics such as: support and SLA agreements, security and compliance, APIs and marketing opportunities between hosting providers and their customers.

Be sure to follow the hashtag on Twitter #HostingCon  If you are at the show, be sure to say hi.  I'll share the slide decks after the conference.


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This post was originally published on theWHIR on February 21st 2012 http://www.thewhir.com/blog/parallels-summit-2012-the-app-economy-comes-to-web-hosting

The Yottaa team has just returned from the Parallels Cloud Summit 2012 Purchase Colchicine, . Parallels is one of the leading platforms that web hosting providers build their businesses on.  Whether it’s a small hoster with a single server running Parallels Plesk Panel, or it’s a large provider with thousands of servers and millions of active websites running Parallels Automation, Parallels’ has a tremendous ecosystem, Colchicine cost.


At the summit I experienced a new level of excitement in an industry that I’ve been a part of for more than a decade.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have led marketing and product efforts at some of the biggest hosting providers in the world.  At each provider I was part of a team that truly “got it.”  So as I listened to presenters from Parallels, Buy Colchicine online no prescription, Tucows, SoftLayer, Gartner and beyond convey succinctly what we all know: hosting was cloud before the word cloud existed, and the industry has always been focused on the cross-sell and upsell, Colchicine dose.

Back in the 1990’s the second largest hosting provider in the world was ValueWeb (now Hostway), co-founded by John Enright (now at HostMySite). I was lucky to start my career in the Web hosting industry working for John.  We were pioneers.  We were the first hosting company that had a fully integrated and automated provisioning for an E-Commerce account.  New customers could signup online – and we automatically provisioned their domains, website space, DNS, FTP accounts, email accounts, databases, Miva Merchant shopping cart software, SSL certificates, and merchant accounts.  Customers could be online and selling their products within minutes.  We never stopped adding complementary services like Constant Contact email marketing services, blogging software, website templates, photo gallery software – even online marketing and web design professional services, Purchase Colchicine. Buy Colchicine no prescription, At scale these services created a passionate customer base that was successful on the Web.  With high ARPUs (average revenue per user), low churn, and customer service excellence, the Affinity brands of ValueWeb and Gate.com, Colchicine reviews, were leading the industry. With our comprehensive integrated suite of applications, Colchicine duration, hundreds of thousands of businesses built successful, revenue-generating web presences.

Now every host can win in the “App Economy”

Apps and add-on services have always been the keystone of the industry.  At every hosting conference I’ve been to, analysts from 451 Research, order Colchicine from United States pharmacy, Gartner, Microsoft and others have pleaded with hosts to expand their offerings.  For years these pleas fell on deaf ears.  Most hosts continued to focus on “power, Colchicine trusted pharmacy reviews, ping, and pipe.”  Millions of dollars of add-on revenue was left on the table as SMBs acquired these applications and services through other channels.

Sure, back then the world was not ready for apps and marketplaces, herbal Colchicine, until Apple launched the iTunes app store alongside the iPhone.  Sure, this was also before the transition from desktop and client-server software to SaaS.  This was also before the growth in APIs, Colchicine use, SOA and mashups opened the door for frictionless innovation in apps and their distribution. Purchase Colchicine, But now that market infrastructure is in place, it’s time for hosters to take what ValueWeb did back in the 1990’s and extend it to millions of hosting customers around the world. Parallels APS (application packaging standard) has for the first time truly made that easy and lucrative.  This is exactly what we needed in hosting today, and a fresh team at Parallels is enabling it.

Now the fun starts.  It’s time for hosters to package up, where to buy Colchicine, bundle and cross-sell services like backup, SEO, Colchicine treatment, social media services, website acceleration and CDN services, hosted PBX,  mobile enablement, Colchicine coupon, hosted desktops and more.  As telcos enter the space, MSPs expand their offerings, Taking Colchicine, and SMBs move from traditional on-premise solutions, hosting providers and their resellers only stand to grow their revenues and deepen their customer relationships.

The team here at Yottaa is extremely excited to be a part of the hosting industry and the Parallels ecosystem. 2012 will be a year of growth for hosters in the Parallels ecosystem and we’ll all see greater revenues and deeper customer relationships, buy cheap Colchicine.

Oh, and we can’t wait for many of you to come to our home town, Boston,  in July for HostingCon 2012.  You are all going to get to meet some of the great startups, ISVs and infrastructure companies from the Boston area.

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This post was originally published on theWHIR: http://www.thewhir.com/blog/part-ii-parallels-summit-2012-what-i-want-to-learn-and-chat-about

Last week I published Part I of my goals for my participation at the Parallels Cloud Summit Lumigan For Sale,  next week in Orlando.  It’s always a great event and this year promises to be the best yet, in terms of keynotes and the quality of the attendees.  The Web Hosting ecosystem is attracting a large amount of attention during the transition to cloud.  Last week I covered the Shared, purchase Lumigan for sale, VPS and Dedicated Hosting spaces.  This week it’s Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, What is Lumigan, SaaS) and E-commerce.


Cloud IaaS


The market for Public, Private, Hybrid IaaS solutions are growing and scaling rapidly.  Yes, Amazon has massive lift in their wings, but Hosting.com, SoftLayer, GoGrid, Rackspace,  SingleHop, BlueLock, iNetU, etc, Lumigan For Sale.  are all growing just fine.  Again, 2012 will be a year of services. Services that make the cloud and the applications hosted on it, more integrated, Lumigan schedule, more secure and more useful. Companies that focus on services are killing it.  For example, I think about the success that FireHost is having with their cloud and the security services they offer like log management and two-factor authentication. Is Lumigan safe, The market for Cloud Computing in the SMB will continue to grow rapidly for a few years. It will also remain somewhat fragmented.  This McKinsey article  Lumigan For Sale, sums up the fragmentation nicely.


Cloud – PaaS

PaaS platforms are undoubtedly maturing at a rapid pace.  While they are to date rather removed from the traditional “Web Hosting” ecosystem, I suspect that will change a lot in 2012. We have one our ecosystem’s own, purchase Lumigan online no prescription, Microsoft, gaining some momentum and broadening the appeal of Azure. Other leaders in PaaS including, Order Lumigan from mexican pharmacy, Jelastic’s Java platform, VMware’s cloud foundry, AppHarbor, Salesforce.com’s Heroku should all be watched closely by hosting providers. At the Parallels event, I am interested in learning about hosters that are embracing the PaaS offerings and building products that incorporate PaaS features or integrate directly with platforms like Azure, Lumigan For Sale.  There is a big opportunity to partner with these rapidly growing and developer friendly platforms, buy generic Lumigan.

 Cloud – SaaS

Email and collaboration solutions paved the way for SaaS as some of the earliest offerings.  Countless offerings have been built on the Parallels platform.  In 2012 we are now in an age where multiple SaaS applications are being integrated.  If you are Salesforce.com and need to integrate a new SaaS app, you can simply buy another SaaS app provider.  If you are a SaaS company with a point solution, 2012 will be an opportunity to add features or integrate with other SaaS applications. Lumigan no prescription,  

2012 will provide plenty of examples of one SaaS app integrating with another.  Companies like Backupify exemplify this trend and are built on it—but what about the hosting ecosystem of SaaS application providers. I think applications from companies like MyHosting.com, Apptix, AppRiver, VARDynamics and Fpweb.net could be a spring board into other applications and business processes.  Sure, Lumigan for sale, email archiving and security have been a part of these offerings for years, but in 2012 we will see more CRM platforms and BI tools become integrated.  As I observe HubSpot, Marketo, Purchase Lumigan, ZenDesk, and the dozens of other SaaS apps that are taking the SMB space by storm, I wonder: will these offerings join the hosting and Parallels ecosystems. Lumigan For Sale, I am excited to hear that Parallels will be announcing additional applications at the Summit this year and will be sharing their vision for where APS (Application Packaging Standard) is going.  There are so many great SaaS applications beyond email, collaboration, website building and marketing automation.  Examples include MailChimp, UserVoice, Get Satisfaction. One area of great interest to me, and of great confusion for most SMBs is how to leverage SaaS solutions for Social Media, order Lumigan no prescription. There are numerous Facebook page builders, Facebook app builders, Social Media management tools and reporting tools available.  I can imagine a hoster adding services to their portfolio of offerings like GaggleAMP or Sprout Social. Lumigan mg,


E-commerce is exploding.  This last holiday season set records almost every day from Black Friday to the last day of shipping before the holiday.  We have gone from having a handful of shopping cart platforms like Miva, Pinnacle Cart, ShopSite and Magento to having a growing list of rapidly growing full service e-commerce offerings from companies like Volusion, Shopify, ProStores and BigCommerce.  E-commerce hosting is where all the worlds collide: hosting, real brand Lumigan online, shopping cart applications, security services,  3rd party-add on applications and more.  After this holiday season, Online buying Lumigan hcl, I would be interested in hearing from hosters that are seeing growth in their e-commerce offerings.

 In Summary:

I am very much looking forward to the Parallels Summit and the opportunity to continue these conversations with fellow attendees.  I’ll be at the event with the Yottaa team, and we are eager to meet our existing hosting partners like Jess Coburn, CEO of the Windows Cloud Hosting company, Applied Innovations as well as new potential partners, Lumigan long term.


What about you?  What do you want to learn and chat about at Parallels Summit.  Comment below to tweet @utollwi.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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This post was originally published on theWHIR http://www.thewhir.com/blog/parallels-summit-2012-what-i-want-to-learn-and-chat-about-part-i


Wow! Atenolol Over The Counter,  another year has passed and the hosting industry is not just surviving in the face of the Cloud, but finding its firm foundation at the center of it.
Shared, VPS, Where can i buy cheapest Atenolol online, Dedicated and Cloud – all of these hosting markets are in transition, and many of the hosting providers that are leading the charge will be at the Parallels Summit.

Shared Web Hosting

Let’s start with Shared hosting, a market I’ve been passionate about since my employment at great companines like ValueWeb – Affinity, Atenolol results, (aka HostWay), NaviSite and Verio. Buy cheap Atenolol no rx,  Shared hosting has been and always will be the bread and butter (read: the profit center) for the big hosts.  Even large enterprise hosting providers realize this, as evidenced by last year’s re-birth of HostMySite by Hosting.com.

Beyond the continuation of the Endurance International roll-up strategy and the Vistaprint acquisition of Webs.com, what makes me most excited about the shared space are apps, Atenolol Over The Counter. We are in an app economy, Atenolol from canadian pharmacy. Almost any “How to start your small business” article says to “get a website and start a blog,” and many of these articles mention WordPress, Ordering Atenolol online, Drupal and others.  With Parallels Plesk Panel and Parallels Business Automation making it simpler to role out niche application-based hosting plans, why are so many hosts reluctant to follow this strategy.

The real key for shared hosts is to leverage their strategic position with small businesses to help those customers not just have a website or a blog, no prescription Atenolol online, but have a successful one. Atenolol Over The Counter, Today’s “content marketing” and social media marketing strategies are all about driving visitors to websites with valuable, shareable content.  That means getting the buyers to your site, Atenolol interactions, getting them to learn from your site, and getting them to interact with your site. In other words, getting them to trust your company enough to buy not just hosting, online Atenolol without a prescription, but the whole suite of services.

If I were a shared hosting business leader today, Fast shipping Atenolol, here’s what I would ask my team: “what are we doing to make our customers successful”. What additional services can we offer that will not just increase revenue and decrease churn, but genuinely make our customers successful?” Have you seen the current TV commercials for Web.com, Network Solutions, Atenolol pictures, and Intuit, the message is all about the apps and services, Buying Atenolol online over the counter, it’s not just web hosting. Several vendors can help shared hosters help their customers be more successful, Atenolol Over The Counter. Examples include Mobile website enablement services from Unity Mobile or website acceleration services from Yottaa, my employer, spring to mind, Atenolol from canada.

VPS + Dedicated

Having worked at a large enterprise managed hosting provider (NaviSite) where the average customer spent thousands of dollars per month (and some hundreds of thousands) I am closely following the slowing of growth in “un-managed hosting.”  Unmanaged dedicated and VPS plans had their place in a pre-cloud world and are still great foundations for other businesses, like hosting companies. Where can i buy Atenolol online,  But we have to admit that the majority of today’s new applications and new startups are architected for, and deployed on, public clouds of the IaaS and PaaS types.  I want to learn from and talk with dedicated hosting providers and their plans for new revenue streams and customer retention, order Atenolol online c.o.d.

In part II I’ll share my thoughts on what I want to learn at the Parallels Summit 2012 in regards to Cloud (IaaS, PaaS, Where can i find Atenolol online, SaaS) and Ecommerce hosting segments.  In the meantime, leave some comments below on what you want to learn and talk about at the Parallels Summit 2012!.

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I enjoyed giving this presentation on Wednesday August 10th at HostingCon Wellbutrin Cost, . After 3 days of speaking with Web hosting and cloud computing service providers - their feedback was tremendously positive, where can i buy Wellbutrin online. Buy Wellbutrin without prescription, Faster websites are important for businesses of every size and hosting providers understand this. In this presentation I made the case that any company that is doing business on the Web today, buy Wellbutrin from mexico, Buy cheap Wellbutrin no rx, and spending marketing dollars to attract and delight users - should be cognizant of the speed of the website. Slow websites are bad for business, doses Wellbutrin work. Buy cheap Wellbutrin, How about your website. Test your site speed today for free at Yottaa, Wellbutrin price, coupon. Where can i order Wellbutrin without prescription,

. Purchase Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin from canadian pharmacy. Where can i find Wellbutrin online. Wellbutrin from canada. Wellbutrin interactions. Order Wellbutrin online c.o.d. Wellbutrin cost.

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. Buy generic Tetracycline. Tetracycline no rx. Tetracycline trusted pharmacy reviews. Taking Tetracycline. Online buying Tetracycline. About Tetracycline. Order Tetracycline from United States pharmacy. Tetracycline steet value. Herbal Tetracycline. Tetracycline canada, mexico, india. Tetracycline pictures. Buy no prescription Tetracycline online. Rx free Tetracycline. Tetracycline natural. Tetracycline samples.

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Purchase Ultram

Yottaa Purchase Ultram, put this together to make it easier to Tweet with the participants at HostingCon 2011.  Yottaa also suggested a Tweetup to be held at HostingCon 2011, Ultram mg. No prescription Ultram online,  It's scheduled for 2pm at the San Diego Convention Center at the HostingCon Networking Lounge inside the Exhibitor Hall.  More Information can be found at: http://blog.yottaa.com/2011/08/hostingcon-2011-yottaas-presentation-community-resources

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1H.com @1hSoft http://www.1h.com/
2Checkout.com, buy Ultram without a prescription, Ordering Ultram online, Inc. @2checkout http://www.2checkout.com/
A10 Networks @A10Networks http://www.a10networks.com/
Accrisoft @Accrisoft http://www.accrisoft.com/
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Arbor Networks, Inc. @arbornetworks http://www.arbornetworks.com/
Aress Software and Education Technologies http://www.24x7hostingsupport.com/
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