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HostingCon 2012 – Web Hosting and Cloud Services Converge #HostingCon

HostingCon 2012  is a Conference and Trade Show For the Web Hosting and Cloud Services Industry

I am looking forward to HostingCon 2012.  This will be my eighth HostingCon – I remember the very first one very well!  For the second year in a row I am advisory board member and I can attest that this year the session selection process was very well organized.  We all collaborated to ensure that the conference is full of educational sessions.

I submitted two sessions, one talk and one panel.  I am pleased that both were selected.  Plus, I live in in Boston, just 4 blocks from the convention center. Please join us for the sessions below!

Sales and Marketing Track: Monday 7/16 3pm at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts

Session Title: Energize and Incentivize Your Employee Brand Ambassadors

I am super excited about this talk, and am looking forward to sharing the slides with a broad audience.  I have been thinking about a session like this since 2009 when I was running marketing for NaviSite’s SMB business unit.  It’s been great to participate in the explosion of B2B content and social media marketing, and I truly believe that employees are the most un-leveraged assets a company has.  I also feel that many traditional Web Hosters are far behind many of the pure Cloud Providers in this aspect of their marketing programs.  Hopefully we can have a great session and learn from each other!


2011 proved that even the smallest companies can have a giant voice. Whether your firm has one or 3,000 employees, there are simple ways you can activate your employees to engage online and produce content. The days of posting spammy articles and having a hard-sell approach are over. Many hosters lost significant traffic and SEO rankings in 2011. The future is socially influenced search results, and your team must be active, or your message and website won’t be found. In this session, William Toll will share his methods for activating and incentivizing employees, whether they are in marketing, operations, support, or beyond, to help drive traffic, visibility and ultimately sales in 2012 and beyond.

SaaS and ISV Panel At HostingCon 2012: Tuesday 3pm ET at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts

Having HostingCon in Boston this year is like having all of your worlds converge.  I am fortunate to live in Boston, home to over 900 startups in the region.  We have a rich and vibrant startup community here in Boston and I am fortunate to have participated in dozens of events, meetups, conferences and more.  I have met dozens of founders and had so many business case and ptich conversations that I often feel energized from the passion of community.

Many of these startups have relationships with Cloud and Web Hosting providers and at this session it all comes together.  I reached out to several startups and asked them to come to HostingCon and meet their infrastructure provider and share their thoughts on their vendors.  It’s going to be a great opportunity for hoster’s to learn what is working and what is not for their customers in the startup space.  Participants include:

Jeff Seibert, CEO and Founder of Crashlytics (Amazon Customer, based in Cambridge, MA)

Devon Hillard, Founder of Spark::red (SoftLayer Customer, based in Boston)

Claudia Santoro, CTO, Vsnap (Rackspace customer, based in Boston)

Michael Klett, Co-Founder & Technical Lead, Chargify (Managed Hosting Customer, based in Boston)

Phil Stanhope, VP, Engineering & Operations , Yottaa  (Amazon, Other Hosting Provivers, Colocation, based in Boston)

William Toll, Marketing Consultant, Hosting Industry Veteran and HostingCon Advisory Board Member

From the Front-Lines: Boston Area SaaS and ISV Leaders Share Wisdom With Their Hosting Providers


The Boston area is one of the top areas in the world for software innovation, from startups to established enterprises. The Boston area is full of companies that are building the next generation of SaaS and Cloud companies, designed, architected and built in the cloud. Every year, HostingCon brings together the world’s leading service providers of infrastructure and services that modern software and services are built on. This panel of Boston area technology leaders will share their insight into how they selected a cloud or hosting provider and what their ideal relationship is like or could be like. The panel will feature a mix of companies and cover topics such as: support and SLA agreements, security and compliance, APIs and marketing opportunities between hosting providers and their customers.

Be sure to follow the hashtag on Twitter #HostingCon  If you are at the show, be sure to say hi!  I’ll share the slide decks after the conference.


FutureM – Feeding Your Thirst for Knowledge and Passion to Share

[This post was written for and published by the MITX FutureM blog 8/26/2011]

FutureM 2010 has a special place in my memory. Last year I made it out to seven events in six days.  This was not an easy accomplishment; though I live in Boston, at the time I was commuting 30 miles north every day. Each afternoon I would rush down I-93 into town to satisfy my passion for learning and sharing. The FutureM sessions, events and attendees filled my mind with some of the freshest, most innovative approaches to the new world of marketing.

At the time, I was employed by an enterprise cloud computing company, driving their channel marketing and social media strategies. The events I attended at FutureM were awesome.  I was able to learn from some of the brightest minds and best companies in marketing and social media, including Chris Brogan, Josh Bernoff, Brian Halligan, IBM Center for Social Software, Curata, BzzAgent… the list seems endless.  FutureM networking events and parties expanded my network and has fueled many great discussions of shared experiences.

FutureM 2010 made it all real. It’s one thing to read hundreds of blogs, follow thousands of people on Twitter, download eBooks, PPTs and podcasts and the like — but it’s a whole other thing to learn and interact live in person. Working in the corporate and enterprise space one can easily feel detached and even lonely, particularly so in the early days of social media and content marketing. FutureM and the sessions I attended confirmed my findings, and opened the door to further exploring.  Last year the hot topics were Social Media policies, ROI tracking and engagement theories.  This year I am sure FutureM will help all of us by having sessions that elaborate on the finer details in what has become a Marketing 2.0 world.  So much has changed in the last few years, and it’s critical that marketers evolve to keep up. We all know the brands and marketers that have been left behind. I hope and expect that 2011’s FutureM events and sessions will inspire more innovation and creativity and expand our collective ability to deliver better results and ROI.

For me, FutureM 2011 is very timely. I am now running marketing at Yottaa, a startup in Cambridge that is providing Web performance services via the cloud.  The company’s products make websites faster and more resilient, and provide better insight into website operations and performance trends.  Faster websites deliver greater conversion rates, reduced bounce rates, increased pageviews, and improve user satisfaction and SEO.  Services like Yottaa are what FutureM is all about: the future of Marketing.  I hope to meet some attendees at the Mass Innovation Nights event on September 14th, where Yottaa will exhibit.

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